don't talk to me or my son ever again.

2022.01.18 15:51 joel_met_god don't talk to me or my son ever again.

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2022.01.18 15:51 OneThiccPony I can't wait for the new game mode to come out

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2022.01.18 15:51 lonelyinlove121 Relapses again

Today, just after midday, I relapsed. This was my longest streak in 2 years. Relapsed on my 18th day. I disappointed in myself. I was hoping to make this year porn-free. I started exercising so that the extra energy would go elsewhere. I started meditation, although I did become inconsistent over the last 3 days. I took cold showers in the morning and night.
Then suddenly this morning I got hit with strong temptations but was able to push it aside. Again it arose after I had lunch but I supressed it again. Then as I was relaxing using my phone, the temptation came again and I relapsed. Was done in 5 minutes. Took a cold shower and trying not to feel completely discouraged.
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2022.01.18 15:51 Krakengol Coop pc ds3 lets play together fresh start

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2022.01.18 15:51 ConflictOk7162 Looking for experienced players to let a semi-experienced person to join their crew!

Everything is in the title. Ive been looking for experienced players to play with so i can find more out about the small details in this game. If you need a somewhat capable pilot or security officer, add me on discord and we can chat there!
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2022.01.18 15:51 FuriousLEB Ah yes the floor is made out of floor

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2022.01.18 15:51 aCumrade Rockstar wants me to buy gta 5 again after deleting it.

In 2020 I played gta, I even have a profile on gta online when I look at rockstar's social club website. Yet If I want to play the game, I have to purchase it again, because I deleted it a year ago to make space. Is this actually intentional? I didn't delete just the game, but the whole installer?
This seems really wrong to me. Could you offer me any help?
Ty and have a good day.
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2022.01.18 15:51 JohnZeppelin30 [HIRING] IMMEDIATELY! 5 Machine Learning job posts [Daily updates]

We are hiring now, we have machine learning vacancies in our database.
Feel free to forward to anyone who needs a job and let us know if you have any questions.
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2022.01.18 15:51 Siresombres Edge of the world

Good evening everyone, when I chose a expedition member do I take only the member or his accessory or both of them ?
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2022.01.18 15:51 catbo Szinger Adirondack Common Loon - stuck on step 19..

here's the step:
-It's basically allowing that lower right grey corner to be folded up independently. I'm not particularly expecting anyone to know what's going on unless they happen to have done the same model, and equally I imagine hard to explain unless it's a commonly understood arrangement? Anyway, just thought I would post in case anyone could assist!
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2022.01.18 15:51 ME215 Robot Vacuum

I narrowed down a massive list and im torn between buying 1 of these options.
Roomba E6, Roomba 694, Yeedi K650. Which one would you choose and why?
I'm looking for one that works with Google Assistant and that is under 4 inches tall.
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2022.01.18 15:51 Peasant-Section Instagram Post

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2022.01.18 15:51 Passtenx To the person in Kirkendall who wrote 'boobz' in snow on my wife's car..., that was awesome.

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2022.01.18 15:51 handsinmypant5 Need some recommendations for a wireless gaming mouse, more or less $80

Current mouse is the Glorious Model D, it's nice but I want to switch to something wireless and I would like to try something new. I enjoy the shape of the mouse as my palm sits nicely on it
Had a g102 before, I think it was my favorite shape but it was too small for me. Though the only reason I swapped it was because it had double-clicking issues.
Must be:
- Wireless
- Have at least 2 side buttons
- Light (90 grams or less)
- Not slippery since the model d personally somewhat feels slippery
- $80 (cheaper is better)
Nice to have:
- Software with built-in macro
- No holes

Hand size - 20cm length,10 cm width Grip - Palm grip
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2022.01.18 15:51 Frodo-39LP can you get banned for abusing ult bug?

To topic pretty much covers my question. I think we all know about the special spots to use viper ult, where u can stand somere on the edge and see through the entire ult.
Can u get banned für doing this?
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2022.01.18 15:51 Entire-Grab-7003 Ian’s Alternate Union Name?

does anyone remember what name Ian said he would go by if Ian Allred was already taken in the Actors Union? It was something like garrett jar jar binks but i really wanna make sure
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2022.01.18 15:51 actuallylikespitbull I'm so fucking horny for Thalmor Justiciars

I'm so fucking horny for Thalmor Justiciars. I want to fuck an entitled rich Concordat-preaching long-haired pretty boy in his thin juniper berry lip gloss elixir mouth. I want to cum all over a guy with painstakingly plucked eyebrows and a silky platinum blond mane that reaches his shoulder blades that he spends 2 hours brushing every morning. Everytime I hear a 6'7'' piss-gestapo-uniform-clad braindead enchanted-jewellery-wearing racist misantrophtheist reynard with a condescending and effeminate vocal inflection that sounds like Prince Charming from the Shrek series or Preminger from Barbie: Princess and The Pauper say ''scrumptious'', ''superiorly-bred mer'', ''heretic'', ''The ''ninth'' divine. Heh.'', or ''Are you quite sure we need to be speaking?'', I get an uncontrollable urge to run up to him and fondle his tiny Eyes of Magnus and Goldenrod City from underneath his robe's skirt. I want to pour ropes onto his bony high-rise cheekbones and long fox face and nose so low-set the distance between the topmost point of his philtrum and waterline is as vast as the Sea of Ghosts. I want to finger a Thalmor Justiciar through his vaguely feminine loincloth with lace hems and his identity number written on it while pretending to be interested as he talks about talos and auri-el and how stormcloak women stink like mead and have more body hair than him and titus mede signing the concordat and stockholm syndrome for the oppressive unnatural authoritian regime that is the aldmeri dominon he was brainwashed into blindly following against any instinctually interracial interreligious empathy and The Gourmet and alchemy and spellbooks and taking skooma to cope with his government-arranged marriage back home. IM SO. Fucking. Horny
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2022.01.18 15:51 noveltywindsock Backstab

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2022.01.18 15:51 starrcollecta ‘From’ $x an hour?

Can someone tell me what exactly it means when a job posting says ‘from’ X amt per hour means? Say it was ‘from $16.50 an hour’ does that mean that it will be no lower than $16.50 and I can ask for more (and really they should expect me to ask for more) or is that $16.50 is the most we are willing to pay? Thanks!
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2022.01.18 15:51 Grothorious Does a tree make a sound if noone's there? DJ Spruce does.

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2022.01.18 15:51 Educational_Price468 Please can I get some advice. I have two kittens two weeks in age. So they are both around 4 months old. The white one is a silver tip British short hair. My other kitten is just a regular cat. He keeps attacking my little white one making him bleed on his neck. I am worried what should I do?

Please can I get some advice. I have two kittens two weeks in age. So they are both around 4 months old. The white one is a silver tip British short hair. My other kitten is just a regular cat. He keeps attacking my little white one making him bleed on his neck. I am worried what should I do? submitted by Educational_Price468 to britishshorthair [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 15:51 KrooJWG13 “Blue Forest”

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2022.01.18 15:51 an602tsar What is a problem that is extinction-level that we ignore often?

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2022.01.18 15:51 Sea_Code_3050 I have been in a texting group chat with a few guys I grew up with for the past 10 years

We are all now in our early 30’s, we all grew up together. The pandemic has made some of my friends want to talk politics every single day, and I’m tired of it. Most of them are one sided extreme right-wing conspiracy political views and they talk about them nearly everyday.
It’s exhausting, and half the time ends in an argument. I hate talking politics, I think it’s all stupid and gets no where and there is a time and place for it.
I’m debating on just leaving this group chat once and for all, and if they want to talk to me they can reach out individually. It feels like I’m losing friends by doing this, but it’s not good for my mental health. I think breaking free from this would help me in so many ways.
But once this group is done with, I’m afraid of feeling like I will not have friends anymore other than my wife.
Is anyone else in a group chat like this?
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2022.01.18 15:51 lowkeyapp August 30, 2015

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