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The Legend of Taylor Heinicke Continues

2021.11.30 16:07 RGGrigsby The Legend of Taylor Heinicke Continues

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2021.11.30 16:07 HardCapSandG Riley Gets Accusatory! Pokemon Brilliant Diamond TYPELOCKE Episode 23!

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2021.11.30 16:07 SaturdayInDetention_ Notes on MSF before I go

Note: Everything here is a personal opinion written out of memory. This is a rough draft that I am not going to rewrite. There may be many mistakes and biases towards old games. I am a human after all. I could be remembering everything wrong. You are free to discuss this in the comments and correct me.
Historical context: Marvel Avengers Alliance As teenagers exploring facebook in around 2012, my friends and I came across this game named Marvel Avengers Alliance. It was a turn-based game where you will be the commander, you'll be given black widow and Iron Man, to begin with, followed by Hawkeye as a cheap recruit.
Then the game gives you a choice between 5 characters to help you start with missions. 1. Ms. Marvel 2. Iron Fist 3. Invisible Woman 4. Cyclops 5. She-Hulk
This was my introduction to the Marvel universe. No, I have not seen any Marvel films until that point. I haven't seen Avengers until 2014 or so.
Rock-paper-scissors of Marvel Avengers Alliance There were six character classes in MAA:

  1. Blaster (E.g: Human Torch, Rocket Racoon)
  2. Bruiser (E.g: Hulk, Jessica Jones)
  3. Tactician (E.g: Captain America, Hawkeye)
  4. Scrapper (E.g: Kamala Khan, Squirrel girl)
  5. Infiltrator (E.g: Ant-man, Black Widow, Cloak and Dagger, Falcon)
  6. Generalist (E.g: Rogue, Punisher, Task Master)
Bonuses amongst classes:
Blaster has bonus vs Bruisers Bruisers vs Scrappers Scrappers vs Infiltrators Infiltrators vs Tacticians Tacticians vs Blasters Generalists don't have any specific bonuses or weaknesses.
This gives us a general understanding of how to structure/strategize your battle for bigger punch-ups.
It takes a little bit of power away from characters that can put on positive traits (say like Ikaris and Sersi) and gives it to the class of the character. This means that a squishy character like Spiderman can still fight against someone like Phoenix and do considerable damage regardless of how weak his core abilities are.

A beginners comparison: MAA vs MSF But those are two different games, you might say. I'm going to do it anyway.
  1. Starting with Spiderman and Luck Cage is great. But I love how players can get 5 different experiences from the game depending on what character you choose initially.
  2. The operators can do more than just heal and a gunshot. For example, an operator in MAA can call in assistance from your alliance once per match if you're stuck with a powerful enemy in the campaign. They can throw EMP grenades. Heal one ally/the whole team depending on the med-kit YOU CHOOSE to use. Stamina pack to speed up other characters etc. So that when you upgrade night nurse or your basic healer you don't feel like it's a waste of resources as they are useful.
  3. You always have an idea of who is going next. You can clearly see the turns on top. In MSF I'm guessing who's going next many times (speed bars fill for you and opponents at the same time, many times, it seems like).
  4. You can upgrade your operator and give him/her new weapons. A neat little customization option that makes a whole lot of difference. MSF...well...
  5. Training characters takes time (unless you pay for it). It's alright because we can wait. It feels like we've done the work and the characters are actually training for something. It feels more rewarding to wait for a couple of days for the character to train than instant upgrades. Oh, it sure does.
  6. In MAA costumes give characters different abilities. Yes.
  7. In fact, you can edit your operator to be of different classes, as you wish.

Role of other players: MAA vs MSF
Games like these are more personal than team-based. Your alliance becomes your second family in MSF but also...really? You are dependent on key contributions and stark donations from everyone every day (good luck with that) and what does it matter how other are building teams really? Eventually, we'll all have some characters upgraded to fit the nodes anyway. To leave us with a dependence on alliance for training materials is the shittiest thing Marvel Strike Force could ever have done. I do have a great alliance under the dominion cluster (or had until everyone decided to leave a couple of days ago for some reason or the other) but how ridiculous is this? Your only other option is to...do what? What if I don't want to do raids and play other game modes alone? Even if I buy characters AND power cores AND open orbs for training materials and T2, T3s how long is that going to take? How much is that going to cost? Either that or quit the game? I'm okay with spending a Lil bit of money on some games we love. But Call of Duty mobile has a battle pass that's like 1/4th of the pass here. I'm just saying.
MAA has a neat little system where you can recruit your friends to be on "flight decks" meaning pilots. And you can send your heroes on missions for a set amount of time (say 12 hrs or 3 hrs). The characters you send on missions won't be available for the said time. The longer they go on missions the more coins and XP they bring back. How neat is that? You can send a nominal amount of energy to your friends and they can send it back. So the more friends you have, the more energy you'll get. Regardless of daily recharges. You can also send small gifts (like say a single power core for example). In battle, you can call in help from one of your friends once. How neat!
In the late stages, there were PvP battles similar to RTA. But when the game is well-balanced PvP doesn't feel like a chore you do to hit daily challenges.
I honestly don't like war. Alliance war is meh. I get the concept but I'm just not excited about it at any point in time.

A word about the community
Look. You are free to spend your money as you want. I'm not condemning or saying it's wrong or suggesting shit. I'm just here trying to point out certain things normalized in this community that's very unnatural.
As media personnel, my job happens to be around a lot of 2d, 3d animators and to certain extent game developers. There's a certain way that games are priced and items are sold. Everything is wrong with MSF.
But this isn't a rant on how Scopely is draining our purses. No, they're a company and they see us as long-time customers. They barely spend on customer acquisition anymore. It's all milking the cash cows that are already playing the game.
When you have people like MobilGamer365 (love you boomer, but I'll say what I have to say) who do "offer reviews" and value items at store EVEN at the lowered rates that he does, it's not natural.
Guys, you're buying a digital asset IN A GAME. At these exorbitant prices, I'd rather invest it in cryptocurrency. You'd be much wiser even if you lose the money. Buying shards is stupid. Buying orbs is stupid. Battle pass accelerates your game and takes the wait out of it. Sucks away the fun part of struggling for items.
MAA and micro-transactions
They did have microtransactions. You just didn't need them as much. I once logged in for 6 months straight to unlock Rogue (You get one unlock point each day of login. With enough points you can unlock powerful characters.)
You could buy costumes that change the character's class. Or material like in MSF. At least you're not forced to work with others as far as I remember.

Why did I come to Marvel Strike Force?
Marvel Avengers Alliance closed in 2016. Despite how good it was, it was just an FB game. And people were moving out of FB games.
Someone suggested that MSF was "similar" to MAA and I had to check it out.

What does MSF get it right then?
The graphics are fantastic. Models are great. Combat animations are great. Attack upgrades of characters are alright. MSF has a clear division of teams within the game like Avengers, Defenders, etc. With different distinctions between characters, there's different synergies you can play around with. More characters.
It's still a good game at the core. It's mechanics work. But newer characters and forcing me to play with strangers online is ruining the game. I can rope in 1 or 2 of my friends to play with me but how are we expected to collaborate with 24 or so people in an alliance?

The game crashes too much
MSF shows all the reasons why we don't care about Superman
I know it's DC but none of us really care about Superman. Even if we like him we don't. Even if you think you do, you don't. Because Superman is indestructible with a lot of power. We as humans inherently hate all perfect characters.
We love Spiderman for the same reasons that we love someone like Iron-man. They're vulnerable and flawed in their own ways. Whether it is as simple as Peter's inability to take on the responsibility of his power initially or Iron Man's cockiness, these flaws make them human.
But Marvel had been steadily growing towards building their own Superman/Super-women. Take a look at the Captain Marvel movies. You have this perfect woman with no flaws will all-powerful powers pandering to the feminist audience. What did that give us? An extremely boring character and movie.
How does MSF justify Sersi and Ikaris the way they are? You can't do that to a game and expect people to still be interested in Arena or RTA! Even in war, why bother? If you're new you might as well resign when you see those two in a team. Ridiculous. Makes for a boring-ass game.
Add to the list, New Warriors.
Applying multiple negative effects to Cloak the entire team is stupidly dumb. Add to Cloak; Daggar and Deathpool.

What am I looking for?
Look. I know games have a certain lifetime and introducing new and powerful characters is a way to keep players paying for more. It's taking a lease on life and pushing a few more months forward.
I understand business.
But I would like to take my Wave 1 Avengers that I love so dearly and still be able to compete in the Arena/Raids.
I would love to take my Skillitary and be able to win more in RTA other game modes where I can play them just a bit more.
Honestly, the characters that I have got at the beginning that wasn't god-like were the most exciting ones to play with.
Get rid of war.
Reduce the use of alliances.
That is all.
I quit. I have a few days left on this strike pass I bought recently. But you know what, it's sunk cost. I won't get the money back. I am done caring about this game.
I'm just glad to have experienced Marvel Avengers Alliance. It was truly a good game.
Not to mention the power cores I bought too. Whatever happened to the last day payout Scopely?
Anyway, for those who still defend/stick around with this crap game, all the best for you. May god bless you.
Meanwhile, I shall go signup for some art classes with the money I will be saving from here.
Thank you very much. Have a nice day.
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2021.11.30 16:07 chadw1701a [Giveaway] 2 16GB USB Thumbdrives

I have too much stuff laying around and need to get rid of some of it. This giveaway is for 2 16GB PNY usb2 Thumb Drives. They are new, still in packaging.
If you would like to win them, comment something below. I will use the RNG tool to pick a winner. Will end Wed.

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2021.11.30 16:07 tlandrews Thermoball Sizing….

So I am getting ready to buy my first pair of The North Face Thermoball Mule. All reviews say the fit true to size. However I am size 7.5M All sizes are whole sizes. Should I get the 7 or 8?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.11.30 16:07 WorkforceBrokersMIA JOBS IN MIAMI/BROWARD

Hello, We are Workforce Brokers. We currently assist with the staffing of Environmental Service/ Food Services Departments in Hospital Facilities. We currently are also staffing for the FTX Arena in Biscayne. Please give us a call or send us a text message with your name at 305-417-849.
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2021.11.30 16:07 _Jhopes_Sprite_ Trading :D I DO NOT OFFER lol

Trading: 2x 2021 Uplift Butterflies (Teen), Hydra, 4x Metal Oxes, MR Bat, Monkry, NFR Koala, 6x Mythic Eggs, MR Monkey, Ocean Egg, 7x Fossil Eggs, King Bee, 4x Halloween White Skeleton Dogs.
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2021.11.30 16:07 pretentiousputin What the heck do you wear to work when you’re pregnant??

I’m a teacher in my second trimester and already struggling to dress myself comfortably and professionally, as a lot of my clothes no longer fit. What are some good styles and brands (preferably affordable) that work for all/most of pregnancy? Since I teach elementary I can wear flowy skirts and things, but my school has a professional dress code so unfortunately no leggings or t-shirts. What are cute things to shop?
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2021.11.30 16:07 InACrate Got Cold War because it was on sale. What weapons would you recommend and what tips do you have?

The first couple games I got the marshalls and they were so fun to use but I don’t know if they were practical because I died right away. I like zombies far. The shooting feels satisfying for some reason
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2021.11.30 16:07 thebadtman1 How about adding some sort of quick guide to 'remind' new players of the intended mechanics? Or adding a tutorial level teaching the players the basics?

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2021.11.30 16:07 Kgizo Easiest jar tek - for those of you that have tried multiple

Innoculated my first bags 10d ago and not being able to see anything has been frustrating. Thinking of trying one of the jar teks. What do you recommend for a newbie and why? Thanks!
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2021.11.30 16:07 -en- @Reuters: The adopted son of civil rights activist Josephine Baker shares memories of his mother ahead of her burial in France’s Pantheon https://t.co/0Xpe9QUO3j https://t.co/M6NoHVMgBJ

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2021.11.30 16:07 HubKap1853 CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS! 💎👋🦍 YOU have held till what is in my humble opinion, The Fundamental Value of AMC! We have a strong 33 and 30 dollar resistance and upwards potential of The Moon! Love my family of Beautiful Apes! 🦍🦍💎❤️💎🦍🦍🚀🌖

CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS! 💎👋🦍 YOU have held till what is in my humble opinion, The Fundamental Value of AMC! We have a strong 33 and 30 dollar resistance and upwards potential of The Moon! Love my family of Beautiful Apes! 🦍🦍💎❤️💎🦍🦍🚀🌖 submitted by HubKap1853 to amcstock [link] [comments]