Looking for a Drifloon/Drifblim

Looking For Person Who Can Care For My Mom At Our House (in Princeton NJ) in Princeton Junction, NJ to VS - View service needed time, date, additional services required and contact details on Sulekha Day Care. MSN We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Maryland’s 2021 Election Day may not be getting much attention with just a few municipal races up for grabs, but next fall will be entirely different says longtime political analyst Josh Kurtz.

2021.11.30 14:57 Samashaus Looking for a Drifloon/Drifblim

Hi! I did the flair set up but I cant see if that's changed anything so I apologize if I havent done this right.
I just need one of the above pokemon if possible please to get my 150. I'm in a situation where I legitimately cannot play on the day I need to for the Honey tree for the above Pokemon.
Can someone help me? I dont have anything valuable I'm really sorry.
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2021.11.30 14:57 mepper Anti-Vax scamvangelist Marcus Lamb dies of COVID | He was the head of Daystar TV, a tax-exempt religious network that received $3.9M in PPP money to help pay employees' salaries. Two weeks later, Lamb bought a 14-passenger jet.

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2021.11.30 14:57 Lanoswego What soldering kit should I get if I want to fix handheld consoles?

I'm trying to fix some 3ds consoles I have but I need to get a soldering kit to replace their charge ports. Does anyone have a recommendation for a soldering kit that would be good for this?
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2021.11.30 14:57 Idiotic_Abomination Who is a better person

View Poll
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2021.11.30 14:57 CharmingSpray help creating a diorama

Hey guys,
I'm just starting a new diorama, ocean themed. But I cant seem to find a good marine life model with much detail. I was hoping for a manta ray/ whale. But most i've found are very cheap low quality toys. I don't have access to a 3d printer, so if anyone knows a good place to look that would be great.
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2021.11.30 14:57 harperking Sleepy Mouse beans

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2021.11.30 14:57 KimberleeTennant 🔥 Angry Floki | Play-to-Earn Games with NFTs | Audited and KYC-ed | Auto Bi-daily Distribution of DOGECOIN | Buybacks + Anti-Whale | Major Influencer Collaboration| Iphone13/Samsung Z Fold 3 Huge Freebies | Game preview released!!! | PRESALE FILLED in 2 mins!!! Launch on 1st December 15.00 UTC 🔥

Hello Cms fans!
Do you like P2E games but, with NFTS?
Do you love community driven projects thats very active in marketing and development?
Do you like projects that always kept their promised plan and with real progress?
Do you like earning passively?
Do you like An all in one function token with plenty of safety measures?
Do you like helping Dogs? Do you want to donate to dog charities?
Well I got the perfect mix of all those.
Without further ado, I present you a treasure. ANGRYFLOKI!!!
P2E Games with NFTs | Automatic Bidaily DOGECOIN Rewards | KYCed & Multiple Audits | Anti Whale - Buyback Function | Iphone13/ Samsung Z Fold 3 GIVEAWAY | HUGE Influencer Collabs & Press Release | Dog Charity | Launching to JUPITER! | Game DEMO is UP! | PRESALE Coming on Nov 30th in PinkSale |
Yo CMS! Dont miss this Treasure,a community driven project with a high probability of MOONSHOT. With a P2E games integrated with NFTs, Automatic Bidaily DOGECOIN income, Giveaways which winners can pick from either Iphone 13 or Samsung Z Fold 3 and Dog Charities, this project is a definite success!
Not to mention they have a lot of big marketing plans including Collabs with highly influential and sought out celebrities, press release, billboards, banners etc while applying safety measures called Buyback Function
🐽Presale at Pinksale (Nov 30th at 15:00 UTC) 350 SC 700 HC
💪Token launch at PCS (Dec 1st at 15.00 UTC)
📣Upcoming AMAs
🤝Big influencers and Press Release
✅Audited and Kyc Verified
👾15k telegram members
Go check them out and try out their Game demo too!
🌎 https://angryfloki.com/
💬 https://t.me/angryflokiofficial
🐦 https://twitter.com/AngryFlokiToken
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2021.11.30 14:57 Yaboicuhcuh Help IWFTR does anyone have any info on her…

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2021.11.30 14:57 aliiigatorr [Gen 5] Phase 2 for Drifblim ends with a rusty metal bird!

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2021.11.30 14:57 That_Reveal_3190 [Repost] [Academic] - Relationship between Empathy, Self-compassion, and Loneliness across Age and Gender. (Males, 18+)

The aim of this study is to explore the areas of loneliness, empathy, and self-compassion. The survey would take around 8-12 minutes.
Please use this link to fill out the anonymous survey - https://forms.office.com/FwKaRL3xf1
Thank you so much for your participation. If you know anyone who would like to participate in this survey, you are more than welcome to share the link with them.
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2021.11.30 14:57 Fine_Bottle9319 I knew a guy on a forum who kept telling this story about how he witnessed a fictional character kill his friends. AMA

In the 1960's, five teenagers boarded a rubber raft and set out a mile out to sea to skin dive. The five teenagers never came back home. Early the next morning, one of the teenagers, Brian McCleary, was found sleeping on a beach. As soon as he woke up in a naval hospital, he told everyone that he witnessed, in great detail, a fictional character, 'sea serpent' or 'Cecil the seasick sea serpent' from a cartoon 'Beany and Cecil' released three weeks prior, attacking and eating his friends. The bodies were never found and the water in the area they went missing was very shallow, about twenty feet deep at most.
McCleary repeatedly shared this story, wrote to Fate Magazine where he went into great detail that read like a court testimony. He corresponded with various paranormal investigators. By the time McCleary was middle aged, the internet had become a thing. So, McCleary made accounts on forums related to paranormal phenomena. He shared his made-up story and reportedly demanded the telephone numbers of anyone claiming to have seen this Cecil the seasick sea serpent character. He died aged 71, didn't contribute anything to society other than this one made up story, since the age of 16. His four friends, Eric Ruyle, Warren Salley, Bradford Rice, and Larry Stuart Bill were all declared dead in 1967. There is even some controversy on whether or not these four boys even existed at all as none of them show up in the social security death index, and photos of gravestones can be easily faked. Newspapers could also have been paid for by McCleary to mention their deaths.
My question is why do people lie like this? It's like they are going out of their way to be as ridiculous as possible. A fictional character appearing out of thin air, eating four kids, then vanishing? That's not even physically possible. Despite this, McCleary became depressed when people did not believe his made-up story and reportedly suffered from nervous breakdowns when people pointed out his lie.
I first found out about this guy from one of the forums he posted in. I originally assumed he was just a 12 year old edgy troll trying to force a meme or a creepypasta or something, but then I looked into it, and found out that he's been doing this since 1962. The guy must have been at least sixty years old when he was posting this.
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2021.11.30 14:57 jody1600 Im looking for people to play heists with

PSN: Cluelesslie75
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2021.11.30 14:57 hnayr PlaceIt T-Shirt Design Tutorial (CREATE AWESOME DESIGNS IN MINUTES!⏰)

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2021.11.30 14:57 ItsameMatt03 How to reject your girlfriend when she becomes anorexic because you're only into thicc women.

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2021.11.30 14:57 TransCrabby Who’s that Pokémon- AI generated image version

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2021.11.30 14:57 EarLumpy4337 Me: Runs Low on Caps. Also Me: Fast Travels to West Tech.

Seriously, West Tech is one of the best places to grind up items, and to level up, and if you get lucky enough you can get 2 or 3 Legendary Spawn's, it's my go to grinding area.
What's are your favorite grinding spots?
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2021.11.30 14:57 SqiaorlyStraass SpaceWorld just launched 🚀 | Exciting Marketing Plans 📊 | Solid roadmap and community ✊ | Based Devs 🌚 | 1000% SAFU 💎

Be Diamond Hands with our us 🚀 With low max TX and max Wallet hold to prevent pump and dump candle 📈 Be diamond Hand with us 💎💎
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Nowhere near your everyday sh!coin 💩 that to give you insane gains but ultimately fail to deliver time and time again! Stop wasting your time and money with those useless trash tokens and come join the Infinity Space! 🌚 Become one of us brother and together we shall ride our riches to the MOON! 🚀
This is a serious project we truly believe in and will do anything and everything to see its success. We hope you will join our ever growing community and become a Infinity Space today! Diamond hands, brother!!!
🥞Stealth Launch
💯 Rug-proof & Safe
🔒 Lp lock
Total Supply :
1,000,000,000,000 SPC
Max Tx : 0.2%
Max Hold : 1%
6% Lp
3% Tax
1% Burn
3% marketing
🥞 CA : 0x76A08985206f50a1384402Ce387562BCc9eC427c
🔷LP Locked : https://deeplock.io/lock/0xa16A653f32389e1398366578B7Ca820da8E35e16
🔷Renounced : https://bscscan.com/token/0x76A08985206f50a1384402Ce387562BCc9eC427c
🥞Pancake : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x76A08985206f50a1384402Ce387562BCc9eC427c
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2021.11.30 14:57 GGCHJIAIJSss [QC] 420+10¥ AJ4 Black Cat Y3 Batch A1 Top

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2021.11.30 14:57 Narrow-Medicine6549 Isolationism?

Are there any mods or settings for being isolated? It makes no sense that my little tribe on an isolated island is suddenly known and being visited by every other faction mere weeks after forming.
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2021.11.30 14:57 Least2020-2022 折扣播报|黑五返场,精选品牌好物低至5折!

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2021.11.30 14:57 dirrtyremixes Crushed Candy & FAQAT – So Sweet (Extended Mix)

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2021.11.30 14:57 hellooosweden Day 3 - Neutral again

Not having any urge, but I know they will come around day 10. Hang in there guys!!!!
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2021.11.30 14:57 Fortuitou $ANOM 🗣 Top 3 Trending! 🏆 Listed on CMC just now! 🔥 Beta site launching in less than 2 weeks!! 🚀 Stealth Launched just now! 🚀 Low Starting Market Cap | Doxxed team! Early Development

But what is ANOMUS? 🤔
$ANOM is an incredible project that bridges the gap between content creation and cryptocurrency ⛓ and aims to become most revolutionary fan subscription platform in the world! 🌍
Contract: 0x3791a46287698a7f9fe46f009a160e7332311783
Buy on Pancake: http://pancakeswap.finance/swap#/swap?outputCurrency=0x3791a46287698a7f9fe46f009a160e7332311783
So how does it work? 🧐

Using an intuitive, social-media-styled platform native to the Binance Smart Chain, the project will utilise its upcoming subscription-based website to allow content creators (known as ‘Talents’) to autonomously build and run their own hub, connect directly with fans, and securely and instantly earn for their original content. 🍑
The project also incorporates a trio of fundamental utilities that link together to form the foundation of the company. 🧱
Firstly, there is the subscription-based platform itself, which – due to its on-ramping of Fiat – requires no cryptocurrency knowledge for customers to use! Just a simple credit or debit card! 💳
At the back end the site is directly connected to the second utility – the $ANOM cryptocurrency token. The payments buy these tokens for use on the site, but also grow the project at the same time! 🌳
The third utility is the upcoming Anomus Marketplace, where NFTs can be bought, sold and traded by fans - all while earning royalties in perpetuity for the performers who minted them with the simple click of a button. 🖱
Want to know a little more? Check it out! 👇🏽
💝 Charity wallet supports organisations fighting against sex trafficking
🙏🏽 ANOM provides a safe environment for Talents to run their businesses freely and connect with their fans.
🍑 Mega upcoming partnerships with highly respected and enviable models, actors influencers and artists.
🧢 Sleek merchandise that is fresh and hot off the press.
🔃 TRUE deflationary token (actual supply is reduced with every transaction)
❤️ 3% True burn (removed from supply)
🍰 3% Rewards
🗣 5% Marketing
😇 1% Awareness/Charity
🚀Total slippage: 12%
🔓Liquidity locked
✅Supply: 1,000,000,000 $HHUB
BSC Token
Contract: 0x3791a46287698a7f9fe46f009a160e7332311783
Buy on Pancake: http://pancakeswap.finance/swap#/swap?outputCurrency=0x3791a46287698a7f9fe46f009a160e7332311783
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2021.11.30 14:57 PoweredByPlants123 Haven’t been as active but by no means has the grind stopped 💪🏼 🌱 Tell me something you’ve achieved recently no matter how big or small 🥇Let’s celebrate our wins 🏆

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2021.11.30 14:57 Homeslikedogfam Should I use this or risk a blue ticket in prediction?

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